28 September 2022 · CMI Hino Adelaide

Customer Testimonial | Adelaide Taxi Trucks

Long-time customers, AJ and Nick of Adelaide Taxi Trucks, were one of the first to take delivery of the all-new 700 Series at CMI Hino Adelaide and were happy to share their thoughts on the exciting new model.

Watch the video below to find out more about why they choose to partner with CMI Hino Adelaide and how the Hino 700 Series works for their business.

When it comes to the Hino brand in general, AJ and the Adelaide Taxi Trucks team are confident in their reliability. “In the last ten years we have never had a broken-down truck in the country. So, if they start the journey, they make the journey,” AJ shares.

Not only does AJ find Hino trucks reliable, but he has also enjoyed collaborating with the team behind them. “We’ve had 10 years with the CMI Hino team, it’s been a fantastic team to work with. These trucks have never let us down, so we’ll keep on using them.”

CMI Hino Adelaide Sales Manager, Nathan, has worked with Adelaide Taxi Trucks since they purchased their first truck. “I’ve been dealing with Nick and AJ for about 10 years now. Nick and AJ both started off kind of small. They have about 15 Hino trucks in their fleet, with 30 trucks in total,” Nathan explains.

When it comes to working with our valued customers to determine the best Hino model for their business, we know it’s vital for our team to pair customers with a truck that best meets their requirements and applications.

“For all of our customers, we’ll spend a lot of time going through their requirements and understanding their needs before we offer them a solution. That’s what we did with AJ and Nick in this case. Our sales consultants spent a lot of time understanding what they needed from the truck, offered a solution in conjunction with a specialized body builder, in this case Southern Cross, to find the right package that suited their requirements and met their needs,” says Nathan.

CMI Hino Adelaide 700 Series
CMI Hino Adelaide 700 Series

Nick and AJ have previously been purchasing the Hino 500 Series model, however the advancements of the 700 Series made for an attractive upgrade. “It’s the first one that has a driver monitoring system where it’ll check fatigue for the drivers. It’s really quite advanced for what we’d normally offer these guys,” adds Nathan.

The 700 Series is the first Hino model that offers 320 horsepower and features a telematics system fitted as standard, which allows operators to monitor their trucks and driver performance in real time. 

The new model has improved safety and comfort for the driver with an improved dash layout, automatic climate control and the Hino SmartSafe safety package.

Improvements have also been made on the performance of the vehicle, with a new A09C and E13C Engine meeting Euro 6 exhaust emissions.

These performance enhancements are important to AJ and their business’ needs. “It’s a nice cabin and it’s cleaner. It’s much more efficient. It’s a Euro 6 meaning it’s cleaner and safer, and it is a 9 litre engine which was perfect for what we needed to deliver our groceries and our liquor,” says AJ.

CMI Hino Adelaide 700 Series
CMI Hino Adelaide 700 Series

We’re thrilled that the latest Hino model has already proven to be an asset to our customers and we’re so excited to see our customer’s business grow, like Adelaide Taxi Trucks, with the addition of the new Hino 700 Series to our vehicle offering.

“AJ and Nick, we’re really grateful for them as a customer, I feel like they’ve grown with us, we’ve been there for the journey from the very beginning, and I’m really proud to say that we’ve supported them all the way through.”

Thank you to AJ, Nick and the Adelaide Taxi Trucks team for your ongoing support of CMI Hino Adelaide. We look forward to working with you well into the future.


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