28 May 2024 · CMI Hino Adelaide

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1800-GOT-JUNK? Fleet

After an extensive career in sales and logistics, Rob Curnow sought out new opportunities where he could utilise his current skillset and experience to follow his passions of running his own business. He found potential in 1800-GOT-JUNK? and now only uses Hino Trucks in his fleet.

After an extensive career in sales and logistics, Rob Curnow sought out new opportunities where he could utilise his current skillset and experience to follow his passions of running his own business. He found potential in 1800-GOT-JUNK? and now only uses Hino Trucks in his fleet.

“As a result of my background with multi-national organisations I looked for something clean and shiny such as 1800-GOT-JUNK? even though it operates in what may be regarded as a ‘dirty’ industry,” explains Rob.

Through its franchisees, 1800-GOT-JUNK? globally operates nearly 3,000 trucks, including here in Adelaide. Rob emphasises the importance of operating a legitimate business in the waste removal industry, ensuring proper permissions, insurances and protocols are in place.

“There are four things we live by,” he says. “We offer clean shiny trucks, on-time service, upfront rates and uniformed friendly drivers.”

Hino Close Up
Hino Trucks Driving

After a false start initially with another truck brand, Rob’s interest in investing in appropriate and dependable equipment began with a visit to CMI Hino Adelaide.

“At that point I didn’t want to deal with a salesperson, I just wanted to see the trucks for myself,” recalls Rob.

“I got into one and CMI’s David Cushion knocked on the door and got into the passenger seat. We spent an hour and half just talking about trucks and what we did. Ever since David has been one of my best supporters in the business. We also like dealing with Hino’s service department. Nobody touches my trucks with a spanner except Hino.”

Rob with Hino
Hino Trucks Back

The commitment and loyalty to both CMI Hino Adelaide and Hino Australia followed. 1800-GOT-JUNK? now operate fleet of seven Hino 300 Series trucks in its Adelaide operation, with an eighth currently being fabricated.

Every five years Rob renews his current fleet with CMI Hino Adelaide, with some getting new bodies from Aldom Motor Bodies and others having refurbished bodies from retired vehicles installed. Rob also sells his used trucks to an operator in a similar business interstate. 

There can be two perspectives regarding truck maintenance — adhering strictly to the manufacturer's schedule or simply performing the minimum necessary to keep the vehicles operational.

“I don’t think there is a right and wrong way with that at all,” says Rob.

Hino Trucks In Fleet
Fleet of Hino Trucks

Rob believes that the costs of servicing properly over five years are offset by a higher price when it comes to sell them on, and we couldn’t agree more!

“All my trucks are under warranty because I invest in the extended warranty available through Hino,” he says. “Every vehicle is 100 per cent road worthy and it’s the same with utes. It’s not just about my safety, it’s all of our safety.”

Rob’s mindset around the upkeep of his fleet is rare within the industry, with many competitors offering similar services more willing to push essential truck components, like tyres, past what is recommended due to cost constraints.

“My operations manager is under strict instructions: if it’s not safe fix it and don’t let it go out the gate until it is,” says Rob.

1800-GOT-JUNK? Hino Truck Side
Hino Truck Front

Each 1800-GOT-JUNK? Hino truck is operated by a team of two people - this setup is designed to ensure the full service is delivered and the completion of all tasks associated with the job.

“Traditionally people would get a skip delivered and load the skip themselves, in a race to beat the neighbourhood to fill it, whereas we send two guys and a specialised truck, and the customer simply points out what they want taken away,” adds Rob.

As the business steadily expands overtime, the demand for more drivers is increasing and Rob relys on online platforms for their recruitment process. Word of mouth also has proven highly reliable in the past when new job opportunities arise. 

“In a lot of cases it’s a mate of a mate,” he says.

“It’s a nicer environment for everybody if you work with people you like. People don’t leave good jobs — they leave bad places.”

Three Hino Trucks
Inside of Hino

The necessity of acquiring a Light Rigid license can potentially prevent numerous prospective employees, yet Rob provides practical assistance in acquiring these credentials for candidates displaying potential and a willingness to commit with the company.

The inclusion of automatic 'two-pedal' Hino trucks not only expands the pool of potential employees, but also significantly simplifies truck operation in traffic.

“We live by the clean shiny truck credo, and they are washed every week,” explains Rob.

“The team has a BBQ breakfast meeting every Friday morning when we wash the trucks, and ensure the toolboxes are stocked properly.”

As the company’s growth continues, customers recognise the advantages of engaging with a professional organisation for the disposal of unwanted items. With the simple process of clients initiating contact with 1800-GOT-JUNK? to organise their waste removal, customers are reassured leaving the rest of the effort to the professionals.

Thank you to Rob and the 1800-GOT-JUNK? team for their continued support of CMI Hino Adelaide and Hino Trucks Australia. We look forward to working with you well into the future and continuing to ensure your fleet continues to shine in the waste industry!

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