8 September 2022 · CMI Hino Adelaide

New Hino 700 Series Review

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We're excited to give you a closer look at the all-new Hino 700 Series!

The new Hino 700 Series has arrived at CMI Hino Adelaide and our Sales Manager, Dani has returned a glowing review of the new truck that has been labelled Hino’s ‘safest truck ever’. Watch Dani's review below.

"We’ve just started delivering the new 700 Series to some of our customers in both retail sectors and local government and the feedback that we’re getting is really positive. Everybody loves the new safety features that have been added to the new 700 Series.” 

The Hino SmartSafe package has been enhanced in this model, with improved technologies aimed at protecting all on the road.

“The new 700 Series is fitted with a range of safety features which includes a pre-collision system. This consists of Autonomous Emergency Braking, Pedestrian Detection, and Lane Departure Warning System,” says Dani. 

This model is equipped with a radar in the grill and camera in the dash as part of the trucks Pre-Collision System. This will warn the driver to brake when in danger of a collision, or it will brake automatically if the driver does not respond. This is an incredible safety feature that will keep both the driver and other road users safe.

The Hino 700 Series does not stop there when it comes to safety. “The vehicle is also equipped with Lane Departure Warning System, and a Driver Monitor inside the vehicle,” remarks Dani. The vehicle is equipped to warn the driver through both the screen and sound system if the truck leaves its lane when the driver has not used the indicator. 

The Driver Monitor is a particularly special feature which is unique to the 700 Series. This monitor is located inside the cab of the truck and will constantly monitor the driver for fatigue via their posture, the orientation of their face, and their eyelids. This is an incredible innovation for drivers who are often completing long-haul transport and are most at risk of fatigue.

When it comes to performance, the Hino 700 is a standout. “This new 700 Series has got a Hino A09 engine in it, giving you 320 horsepower which is awesome. It also has a new transmission in this model, so it now has an Allison 3200 transmission which is a 6-speed fully automatic transmission,” says Dani. This means the new model will be able to serve an even greater range of applications and axle configurations. 

If comfort is your top priority, the 700 Series has been designed for you. “Another great key feature of this vehicle is the ISRI air suspension seat, which will give your driver the most comfortable drive possible”

In addition to the incredible driver’s seat, the vehicle is fitted with a wraparound dash, automatic climate control, and a tilt and telescopic steering wheel to meet the highest of ergonomic standards.

The tech features in this vehicle are not to be ignored, with the 700 Series featuring a 6.5” touch screen with four multi-position cameras, Bluetooth connectivity, and a pendant airbag dump control.

The new Hino 700 Series is bound to be an extremely popular truck in the years to come, due to its elite safety features and technology, as Dani can attest, “the new 700 Series, it really is an awesome truck, it’s full of safety features, it’s got awesome horsepower and a fully automatic transmission.”

If you are interested in the new Hino 700 Series, talk to our team today!

CMI Hino Adelaide 700 Series
CMI Hino Adelaide 700 Series