13 March 2024 · CMI Hino Adelaide

Proudly hosting our inaugural Apprentice Welcome & Appreciation Evening

CMI Hino Apprentices

On Wednesday, March 6, we had the pleasure of hosting our first Apprentice Appreciation Evening. During this inaugural event we took the opportunity to welcome our newcomers, and also celebrate the accomplishments of our current CMI Hino Adelaide and Lonsdale apprentices.

Held in the private Bill Cooper room at the Coopers Ale House, Gepps Cross, the night provided us with the opportunity to not only acknowledge our apprentices, but also their mentors who play a crucial role in guiding and instructing our apprentices, ensuring they gain the necessary knowledge and skills to proficiently carry out their trade.

Staff from across the entire dealership, along with our apprentices who were supported by their own invited friends and loved ones, enjoyed an evening of celebration, complete with delicious food and beverages.

Coopers Alehouse Bar
Apprentice Evenings Booklets
Coopers Alehouse Food
Apprentice Evening Guests

Addressing guests on the night, General Manager of CMI Hino Adelaide, Nathan Chatfield said, “On behalf of myself and the entire CMI Hino Adelaide team, I would like to welcome you all to our first apprentice evening”.

“We’re here to celebrate new beginnings by introducing our 1st year apprentices, while also recognising and celebrating the hard work of our current apprentices and what they have accomplished during their time with us so far.”

"Embarking on an apprenticeship journey with CMI Hino goes beyond mere employment; it marks the commencement of your career path, having opportunities opened up to you during your time with us and an understanding that you’re part of a company dedicated to enhancing your skills," said Nathan.

We were also joined by Non-Executive Director, Michael Crawford, who expressed his gratitude for our apprentices.

"We commend our apprentices, recognising them as integral contributors to our company's ongoing success. You all represent the future of our organisation."

“We take investing in our people very seriously and that means not only supporting their personal growth but also providing them with opportunities to expand their knowledge and help them to excel in their chosen fields.”

"We thank each of you for your ongoing commitment to CMI Hino and wish you all the best in your apprenticeships,” concluded Michael.

Service Manager, Michael Papas also delivered heartfelt words for our apprentices remarking, “I don’t see everyone here as just apprentices; I see you all as part of my extended family.”

“I see the hard work you do day in and day out and I couldn’t be prouder of the team we have here right now.”

"The future is bright for you all and I would like to personally say thank you to each of you for choosing CMI Hino to begin your careers in your chosen fields.”

Nathan Speech
Michael Speech

During the formalities, Nathan and Michael took the opportunity to introduce each of the new apprentices, gifting them with a personalised certificate and welcoming them to CMI Hino.

Welcome to our new Apprentices -

Andrew Bartolo, Emily Pligl, Danny Taylor and Liam McArdle.

Formalities concluded by acknowledging our current apprentices, who also received certificates of appreciation for their hard work and dedication to date.

Congratulations to our current Apprentices -

Ben Wanganeen, Cyril Duncan, Danhil Labios, Dylan Milller, Finlay Hughes, JJ Smith, Lachlan Pagon, Reece Freeman, Robyn Cunningham and Zac Davey.

Apprentice Evening Nathan and Michael
Apprentice Ben
Apprentice Cyril
Apprentice Evening
Apprentice Evening Guests
Apprentice Danhil
Apprentice Dylan
Apprentice Evening Team

Apprentice mentor Justin Nguyen described the evening as a “great success and something we should all look forward to for many years to come” adding that he, “really enjoys working alongside the current team we have as an apprentice mentor. We’ve got a lot of hard working and talented people who form part of our apprentice program and I’m looking forward to watching everyone grow and gain the confidence and skills to really thrive in their roles in the years to come.”

Throughout the evening our apprentices took the opportunity to catch up with their colleagues and other members of the CMI Hino Adelaide and Lonsdale teams outside of work in a more casual environment.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on the night to recognise our exceptional apprentices and their mentors. We eagerly look forward to watching the progression of our apprentices throughout their careers and the paths their newfound knowledge will lead them on within our business.

Apprentice JJ
Kuwar and Michael
Apprentice Evening Service
Apprentice Reece
Apprentice Evening Hino Team
Apprentice Robyn
Apprentice Evening Booklets
Apprentice Zac
Apprentice Evening Guests
Apprentice Evening Service
Apprentice Lachlan

About the CMI Hino Apprenticeship Programme.

The CMI Hino Adelaide apprenticeship program combines specialised practical on the job training with theory-based learning, delivered by industry leading professionals at our dealership and workshops located at Regency Park and Lonsdale.

Throughout their training, apprentices are taught specific tasks and are mentored while learning practical skills across various departments including, service and safety inspections, auto electrical and engineering for mechanical apprentices, while parts apprentices embark on warehouse inventory and an introduction to parts interpretation.

On successful completion of the apprenticeship program, our highly skilled Hino technicians will be encouraged to embark on a long-term career with CMI Hino Adelaide, and the wider CMV Group, where the opportunity of career progression across the business is endless.

Successful graduates will also have the opportunity to go on to do further training and become more qualified within their chosen field.

To enquire about starting your career with CMI Hino Adelaide today, visit our careers page here.