CMI Celebrate 50th Anniversary with Hino

CMI Hino Adelaide
L-R CMI Hino Dealer Principal Paul Crawford and General Manager Nathan Chatfield outside CMI Hino, which is celebrating 50 years in business.

Australia’s longest serving Hino dealership, CMI Hino Adelaide, is celebrating 50 years in business, with an unbroken run of providing Hino vehicles to the South Australian community.

CMI Hino Adelaide is a part of the larger CMV group, a leading conglomerate of automotive dealerships and horticulture businesses across South Australia and Victoria, which was established in 1934 by Sidney Crawford. 

CMV Group’s Managing Director Paul Crawford is one of three Crawford brothers currently involved in the business and is proud of the dealership’s partnership with Hino.

“We are incredibly excited to be celebrating our 50 year relationship with Hino Motor Sales Australia, it's been an incredible ride,” said Mr Crawford, who is also the Dealer Principal of CMI Hino Adelaide.

“One might imagine that the relationship could be fading a little after so many years, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

“Last year, we purchased another Hino truck dealership at Mount Gambier in South Australia, adding to our CMI Hino Adelaide and CMI Hino Melbourne dealerships. 

“We love the product, it’s reliable and durable, and we love the Hino family. 

“Like all Hino dealers we are just incredibly proud of the role Hino trucks and buses have played in the development of our country, performing vital work both in the city and country alike. 

“Obviously, we are also very proud of the role that we play in supporting those customers who have chosen Hino.

“We are sincerely looking forward to the next 50 years!”

At its Dealer of the Year Awards ceremony earlier in the year, Hino Australia Chairman and CEO Steve Lotter congratulated CMI Hino Adelaide and paid tribute to the company’s longest serving dealership. 

“Paul Crawford and his team continue the tradition of excellent service that the dealership has become famous for and we are proud for them to continue to be ambassadors for our brand in Adelaide.

“We look forward to the continued success of the dealership long into the future.”

A sign of CMI Hino Adelaide’s success and customer-centric focus was its victory in the Service Excellence award for metropolitan dealerships at the Dealer of the Year Awards ceremony in February. 

CMI Hino Adelaide is located at 569 South Road in Regency Park, Adelaide, and is one of over 60 Hino Australia dealerships and services centres throughout the country.